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Will the Real Reality Please Step Forward

    Tantric yoga holds the view that there is a temporary reality inside a lasting reality. Another view is that this reality is an illusion and a higher reality exists outside this illusion. No matter the viewpoint my take away is that what I am living may not be the entire reality. Think of a video game. At the moment the mind is focused on the video screen, the game is the immediate reality.  As you manipulate buttons or a joy stick, the eyes are fixed, the body may tense and blood pressure may increase according to the actions on the screen. For that moment of engagement with the screen you are living in virtual reality.

     Turn away from the virtual reality to the objective reality of the natural world that we take in through our senses.  The mind is engaged with the world of physical reality.

     When we sleep we are engaged with the contents of the mind. For the moment the dream state is our reality.  In deep sleep when there is no content and we are in reality of emptiness.

    Everyday we are engaging with different realities. What is the true reality? In yoga it is held that for some people true reality is captured in times of  meditation. For others grace may appear and open the door bringing an ecstatic realization of true reality. No matter how the entrance into the higher reality, you will know it by the depth of knowing and the power of being. 

     "The mind is a terrible thing to waste."  Turn the mind to higher knowing and higher power.  The knowing is the source of all existence. The power is the binding force of all existence.


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