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Salutogenesis and the Promotion of Our Inner Health Intelligence

     A major factor in the development of chronic diseases is poor life style habits.  Lifestyle involves the choices we make around diet, alcohol and substance use, exercise, sleep, and social connections. The good news is that we are empowered for the most part to manage the trajectory of our health. We are able on the individual and community levels to guide health outcome. On a larger community level life style also means the way we interact with our environment in terms of working to have clean air, water, and healthy soil for our food.

     Western allopathic medicine is beginning to turn to salutogenesis as a means to approach health issues.  Whereas pathogenesis  focuses is on the development of disease, salutogenesis focuses on the factors that promote and maintains physical and mental health. We need to look at what is working well just as much as looking at the problem. Healing comes from the resource of the health intelligence of our inner being.  

     Many other healing traditions such as indigenous cultures, Traditional Chinese medicine,  and Ayurveda take a holistic view of health. A holistic view sees wellness as  meaning good physical, mental, social and spiritual health and not just the absence of disease.  Wellness is supported by our inner health intelligence.

     Yoga is holistic. The practices of yoga promotes our health intelligence. This health intelligence supports good life style habits and wellness.  Good lifestyle choices aim to strengthen physical health, mental health, social health and spiritual health.  Take a look at your daily habits and see whether they promote health and wellness.  Some habits such as eating sweets may provide emotional wellness in the short term, but overconsumption may lead to physical problems in the long term. Through the practices of yoga health intelligence shows up as the strengthening of right thinking and action.  Peace of mind is enhanced.

     Regular practice of yoga is to reduce the impact of physical, mental  and emotional stress. Asana and pranayama support physical health. Pratyahara and dharana  support mental health. Yamas and niyamas* support our social relationships. Dhyana and samadhi bring us toward our spiritual being. 

     Much of allopathic medicine is to find what is wrong.  Practice of yoga is to find what is right within. Disconnection from our inner health intelligence creates suffering. Salutogenesis is about the strengthening of health intelligence. Yoga awakens our health intelligence in order to live life well and fully.



*For further details about yamas and niyamas see Blog posts March 22, 2021 https://somalumina-yoga.mykajabi.com/blog/the-niyamas  and March 29 2021 https://somalumina-yoga.mykajabi.com/blog/the-yamas 


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